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Small and modern frosted plastic business card with rounded corners.


This frosted plastic business card is simple and elegant.

Super Capacity

This thick and frosted plastic business card is a simple and modern card with raised letters.

Genix Design

Clear plastic with rounded corners and holographic logo on this neat business card.

X Group

Simple plain plastic card with rounded corners. Black and white design along the middle, and clear on the top and bottom.

Vaughan-o-Graphic Ltd

Clear plastic card or pouch, that contains red liquid. Very unique and fascinating design with rounded corners and font to match.

Unknown Restaurant

Die-Cut plastic business card with a fold. Not sure what the name of the restaurant is and the design is a little out of date.


Simple thick clear plastic with black vintage font.

PinkoGraf PVC

Another card for PinkoGraf, this time made on PVC. It also has 3 holes in it.

Ark Ch Architect Interior Designer

Simple brown/beige combination on clear plastic.

Benzing Technologies

Transparent plastic card with rounded corners. Blue tech theme to match with the company field.


Nice clear plastic card with a simple and modern design with rounded corners.


Not too sure about this one, don’t see much contact information, but the clear thick card that is rounded with a sticker on it is definetly unique.

Be Un Limited

Simple, modern on plastic, is the best way to describe this card.

Amaze Entertainment

A simple plastic to the point business card.

Dream Ten Studios

A thick plastic, modern and simple card.