Tag: Paper

A Big Mouthful

Standard design, logo and contact info. Light background with pink font.

Bread x Milk

Simple and Modern are the best two ways to describe this card.

Blushing Pearl

Bright and elegant are two good words to describe this white debossed card.

Com Su I

Not sure what kind of business this card is for, but I presume something to do with the comic book industry. Simple business side and interesting comic /…


A simple, standard card that has a nice shade of blue that goes well with the black.

Howl Fire

At first glance it looks like a standard card that was burnt, and that’s exactly what it is, but it wasn’t burnt by accident, it’s part of the…

Laser Printing Inc

I’ve started seeing more and more of these, Google style business cards.

Dara Blakeley Photography

Innovative way to show off photography skills, this round card is unique and tied with a ribbon to other pictures with a matching shape.

Deuce Group

This is one of the first business cards I had done for Deuce Group.


I wish I had this one, so I would have more details on how it’s assembled and what company it’s for, but it’s still a nice colorful cube.

Elevate Inc

A card shaped like a luggage tag is pretty neat, not sure if the card is made of paper or leather as I don’t have one, but either…

Chris Fisher

I thought it was a comb before I saw he was a radio presenter, it’s simple, but very effective and unique.


Not a standard die-cut, but a standard shap with die-cuts throughout it.

Bryce Bell

A very original form or shape, it’s like origami, which is appropriate for a Mechanical Engineer.

Austin Walsh Photography

Layered and die-cut are two of the properties of this original card. Contains real photos and a vintage feel paper.

Cafe Java Fine Espresso

A very appropriate die-cut card in the shape of a coffee cup for a cafe.