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This is a busy standard business card.

Soul Visual Studio

Thick cardboard business card featuring the basic information and a QRT code.

Chuck Tingley

This standard business card stands out because of the graphic design job on it, which features a graffiti like style.

Salt City Bakery

This simple business card is elegant thanks to it’s amazing font.

Shine Box Print

A very modern business card with orange on one side and white on the other.


This is the standard for business cards right now, sleek and simple.

Robledo Costa Architect

This is a really nice and bright modern business card with a standard shape except one side is rounded.

Hayek Freight Logistics

This is what the current standard is for business cards but in a smaller version than regular size.

4 Earth Color

3.5” x 2” Business Card, clean and artistic design. 4 different color scheme. All text layers, including the background text, are full type and can be edited with…

Lost Soles Climbing

Modern looking business card, nice thick stock.

Vitamin Business Card Template

This modern looking business card template is available in 6 colors and features call to actions with big bold letters stating “CALL ME” and “MAIL ME”. This business…


Nice little 3d effect on this hexagonal shaped business card.


A fresh looking card, which was the idea based on the slogan. Simple, modern and very colorful.

Adam Wintle

A very simple to the point and modern card, white background with pink-orange writting and animated person on it.


I wish I had this one, so I would have more details on how it’s assembled and what company it’s for, but it’s still a nice colorful cube.


An innovative cut out that goes with the name of the company, very nice colours as well.

Anja Osterwalder

This card has a nice twist, it’s like an admission ticket, where a part can be torn off.


A very tasteful round card for an Indian restaurant.