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Country Classic Home Design

Simple design on this standard blue business card.

Paper Monkey Press

Beautiful minimalistic design on this thick light business card.

French Twist

Red and white standard minimalistic business card with a vertical orientation.  


Simple black business card with a minimalist design.


Standard business card with a minimalistic silver design.


Minimalistic neon pink and orange business card.

We Create Graphics

Simple black and white minimalistic business card for a graphic design company, kind of ironic.

Fab Design

Sleek black and white minimalistic business card with rounded corners.

Dora Kalokairi

This is a clean business card with a simple minimalistic design.

Matt Koo

Minimalistic black and white business card.

Ink Monster

Elegant and minimalistic white cotton business card.


Dark minimalistic business card with white font on an all black background.


Minimalistic dark green business card with some embossing.

Laura Reaux

This is a thick cotton based business card with a minimalistic blue design.


This sleek business card features rounded corners, laser cuts and a minimalistic design.

Philip Ljungstrom

Standard business card with one red side and one grey one, with the basic information.

Uber DM

Minimalistic design on this black and blue business card.

Gerila Media

Plain black and white business card, minimalistic for effect.

Color Your Life

Very simple and minimalistic red business card.

Minimalistic Profile Corporate Business Card Template

Your no#1 Minimalistic profile corporate business card to catch your clients attention? To make them remember and outshine from the rest of the Boring cards in their holder?…


This minimalistic business card features a laser cut pattern on the front that shows a metallic back.

Purple Carrot

Very simple and white business card with an embossed logo.

Intoto Merchandising

This modern business card is simple and features a nice silver – grey color and rounded corners.


Minimalistic black & white business card.


This is a flashy red business card with rounded corners.

Norm Architects

This business card is almost all white except for the contact information.

First View

Simple and modern black business card.

Studio 501

A nice clean and minimalistic business card.

Bellucci Stores

This minimalistic business card is dark and simple.

Fuse Design

This is a simple cotton based business card with an embossed logo.