Tag: Eco

Leap Environmental

This standard business card comes in a variety of colors, each representing the environment.


An obvious business card concept for a recycling company using white and green as it’s colors on recycled paper.

Forever Green

Simple information, busy background on this standard green business card.

4 Earth Color

3.5” x 2” Business Card, clean and artistic design. 4 different color scheme. All text layers, including the background text, are full type and can be edited with…


A very innovative business card, which is basically an envelope containing grass seeds, which is appropriate for this lawn and property management company.

Grassy Business Card Template

This business card template is keeping up with the eco friendly theme and staying green, features earth colors and rounded corners and is available for 3$.

Another Bloomin’ Designer

Not the most practical card to carry around, but it is sure to get you remembered.