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JC Ryle

Standard business card with a vintage feel with its design featuring multiple shades of brown.


This business card has a rough feel with a dark highlight for the logo.

HD Web Design & Print

Modern sleek business card with a dark brown site, and a lighter side.


Standard two tone business card, modern and sleek.

Primal Screen

Small yellow and brown business card with rounded corners.

Richard Roche Design

Standard business card with a vintage feel thanks to the two different shades of brown used in the design.

Oliver Lipps

Standard dark brown business card.

The Bombay Bakery

Edible tea biscuit business card, innovative, however the contact info will probably disappear quickly.


Unique wood business card, a little thick for practicality but will definitely stand out.

Mobile Caffeine

Standard sleek business card with a brown pattern and a modern look.

Tunnel Bravo

Standard business card with a brown and beige pattern along with some embossing.

Woody Business Card Template

Standard business card template with a wood looking design. Click here to purchase this business card template for $6!

Alessandro Gugliotta

This business card is very detailed with it’s laser cut shapes.

Tam Cargo

This is an innovative business card that folds into a box.


This is a simple business card made using cardboard.

Effective Studio

This is the standard for modern business cards.

Mark Gilmour

This is a modern looking business card with an avatar.

Adriana Chionnetti Disenos

This colorful business card with rounded corners is pretty nice and modern.

Taste Chocolate

This business card looks so much like chocolate that someone took a bite out of it, or it’s a die-cut.

4 Earth Color

3.5” x 2” Business Card, clean and artistic design. 4 different color scheme. All text layers, including the background text, are full type and can be edited with…

Lindsey Casabella

An innovative business card yet perfectly appropriate for a stylist. Cut in the shape of a comb with a modern font.

Grassy Business Card Template

This business card template is keeping up with the eco friendly theme and staying green, features earth colors and rounded corners and is available for 3$.


Standard shape, thick cut, and a minimalistic rugged or vintage look business card.


Basically part of a cardboard box that was cut out with a sticker with the logo on it, it’s an innovative design sure to stand out. Check us…

Beau Belle

Simple, Modern and Elegant, not much else to describe this card. Dark brown on one side and light on the other.

Ark Ch Architect Interior Designer

Simple brown/beige combination on clear plastic.

GSM 041

There’s a fine line between a business card and a promotional item, sometimes I cross the line with these examples, but I think some are very creative, like…

Fifth Floor Gallery

Uniquely made of wood, with a die-cut logo, very modern.


Not your typical card, actually not even a card, but if you look at the information on the rubber band, it’s all the typical information on a card.

Elevate Inc

A card shaped like a luggage tag is pretty neat, not sure if the card is made of paper or leather as I don’t have one, but either…