Category: Metal Business Cards

Zaha Hadid Architects

Useful metal business card with die-cut tools.

Falegnameria Ciprari

Metal business card with a laser cut circular saw design.


Metal business card with die-cut corners and a dark purple design.

Shamballa Jewels

Simple design on this lovely brass business card with laser cut pattern in the center.


Metal business card with laser-cuts and rounded corners. Simple and modern design.

Logeen Web Architects

Silver metal business card with some die-cutting and rounded corners.

Sam Buxtom

This unique metal business card folds out into a person working at a desk.

Mattson Creative

Black and silver metal business card with rounded corners and a die-cut on one of the ends.


This is a great example of making a unique business card stand out and represent your company. This business card is made to be like dog tags is…

Plasma Design

This silver metal business card features some die-cuts and rounded corners.


This silver metal business card with die-cuts all over it features the Woz logo twice and rounded corners.


Metal business card with the contact information embossed.

Kondratiev Alexey

This metal business card features a die-cut logo and engraved writing.

Mitnick Security

Nothing beats a useful business card, specially when it’s use is directly linked to the business it’s representing, like in this case for a security consulting company the…

Lodge Design

This metal business card features the basic information with some embossing and laser cut holes.

Adrian Likins

Very detailed and useful metal business card, includes a ruler and a cutting blade.

Cement Solutions

We have said it before, give your card a use and chances are that the person that has it will keep it, and when they use people will…


Metal etched and die-cut card in a bronze color.

Go Fetsch Mechanical

A great idea is to make your card handy so people will keep it, like this one made of metal that is part ruler and part wrench.


Metal card with embossed lettering, looks very sturdy.