Tag: Useful

USB Memory Direct

Useful white business card with pink painted edges is a usb drive. You can learn more here.

Broke Bike Alley

Unique business card that doubles as a patch for a bike tire in case you get a flat.

Ade Chong

Black and white business card with painted edges and has a place for notes which can be really useful.

Hugo Fernandez

Transparent plastic business card that looks like you’re using a camera, which is perfect for a photographer.


Colorful business card that has a loyalty feature that rewards users with a freebie on their 6th purchase.

BlackJack Slab

Innovative use of gum as a business card with a dark sleek design on the wrapper.

Steven Whiteley Builder

This is a useful business card as it doubles as a ruler, it’s a basic black and white design unlike other ruler business cards we’ve seen before like…

Marleta Badescu

Very much appropriate for a divorce mediator’s business card which includes a condom.

The Spectacle Shoppe

This is a practical and appropriate business card for a glasses shop complete with eye exam.

We Are Consumer

This is a standard business card, however it’s a swiss army one that you can use as a ruler, and cut out a fork and spoon as well…

The Miller Hull Partnership

This simple yet useful business card is very appropriate for an architecture and planning company.


A very innovative business card, which is basically an envelope containing grass seeds, which is appropriate for this lawn and property management company.

Mitnick Security

Nothing beats a useful business card, specially when it’s use is directly linked to the business it’s representing, like in this case for a security consulting company the…

Cement Solutions

We have said it before, give your card a use and chances are that the person that has it will keep it, and when they use people will…