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Caroline Boisvert

Beautiful and innovative business card with a slide out aspect to it.

Gabe Ferreira

All black die-cut business card.


Wood business card with stamped design.

Danny Chen

Pop out business card.

I Am Titus

Ripped red and white business card.


Innovative cutout business card in the shape of glasses.


Modern looking die-cut business card in the shape of the letter R.

Boris Pelcer

Artistic Playing Card / Business Card.


Engraved wooden business card.


Unique business card in the shape of a wine bottle cork.

Vinkea Design Oy

Thin wood business cards with a vertical layout.

Suite Shop

Pink business card designed to look like a match book.


Unique thick cement business card.


Unique stitched business card with colourful thread.

Zaha Hadid Architects

Useful metal business card with die-cut tools.

Form Garten

Unique wood and paper business card with a QR code.


Diamond shaped die-cut business card.


Clever business card for Durex, a company that makes condoms, it’s a clear plastic pouch type card with a white liquid inside.

Falegnameria Ciprari

Metal business card with a laser cut circular saw design.

Iowa Powered Yoga

Orange and recycled brown business card with ripped edges.

Broke Bike Alley

Unique business card that doubles as a patch for a bike tire in case you get a flat.

Album Music Business Card Template

DARK STYLISH BUSINESS CARD FEATURES : Dimensions: 3.5×2 inches excluding bleed area Resolution: 300dpi Color: CMYK Click here to purchase this business card template for $6!

Anita Brown

Unique colorful business card which features funny stickers.

Mike Galore

Awesome thick hand carved wood business cards.

TV Consulting

This remote control shaped business card has a unique shape that is appropriate to the business it represents.

Boris Pelcer

Vintage feel on this business card made to look like a playing card.


Thick cardboard business card with cuts so that it can fit into others like it.

We Are Designers

Unique “cube” shape on this black and red business card.

Atticus Pet Design Studio

Modern design on this uniquely shaped die-cut business card.

Dr Alavarez

Unique business card with a design and shape to look like a mouth, which is a perfect business card for a dentist.