Tag: Round

Dau Dau

Round colorful business card.


Round black and purple business card.

Seeded Vintage Buttons

Black and white design on this round business card.

Dr Alavarez

Unique business card with a design and shape to look like a mouth, which is a perfect business card for a dentist.

Visual Addicted

Sleek round black business card.

Spilled Milk

Red, white and blue design on this elegant round business card.

Circle Entertainment

Modern black and white design on this round business card.

Mike James

Sleek black and white round business card.

The Creative Difference

Pink and white design on this round business card.

Chet’s BBQ

Sleek design on this vintage looking round business card.


Modern design on this round business card which comes in green, black or white.

C2 Design

This oval shapped business card featuring the company name on one side and the contact info on the other.

Gary Nevitt Photography

Modern business card in the shape of an oval featuring actual photos on one side.

Studio Vico

A simplistic business card with black initials on a white background cut in a circular shape.

Hypno Design

Simple, modern round business card, design goes hand in hand with the companies name.

Dara Blakeley Photography

Innovative way to show off photography skills, this round card is unique and tied with a ribbon to other pictures with a matching shape.

Elevate Inc

A card shaped like a luggage tag is pretty neat, not sure if the card is made of paper or leather as I don’t have one, but either…


A very tasteful round card for an Indian restaurant.