Tag: Purple

Chick with a Camera

Simple purple and white business card with rounded corners.


Round black and purple business card.


Standard purple and pink business card.


Dark purple business card.


Purple and yellow business card with rounded corners.


Elegant letterpress business card with a minimalist purple design.


Metal business card with die-cut corners and a dark purple design.

Who Is Bexxie

Standard business card with the typical design layout.

Valentine’s Day Business Card Template

Cute and sweet Valentine design card. You cand send this cards to your lover. Also use them in a nice gift box. Available in 3 colors and horizontal…

Engine 7

Blue business card with a fading effect in the design.

Bigode Artes E Ideias

Thick business card with a modern purple design and rounded corners.


Standard vertical business card with a wine colored design.


Standard business card with a purple background and multi colored logo and horizontal strip.


Standard purple business card with an embossed logo.

Lady BonBon

Modern and sleek die-cut business card in the shape of a cup cake.

Jimi Hendrix

Standard business card with a red and beige pattern and Jimi Hendrix’s face.


Standard business card with a modern pink and purple design.

Brand Glow

This is a clean and modern business card with some die-cutting and embossing.

Agence Kariboo

This is a purple thick cut business card with rounded corners.


This is a minimalistic business card in terms of information and color, but is unique because the die cut forms the logo when folded.

Marleta Badescu

Very much appropriate for a divorce mediator’s business card which includes a condom.

Barbara Tukasik

This standard business card is quite hypnotic with it’s little square pattern fading from pink to blue.


Die-Cut card in the shape of a leaf and is pretty colorful.