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Plastic Surgeon

Very innovative and unique business card for a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgeries.

Jaijo Design

Standard black business card with some neon highlights.

Music Player Business Card Template

This is an innovative business card that looks like an iPod. It comes in a variety of colors. Click here to purchase this business card template for $6!


This is a standard business card with a vintage feel thanks to it’s color selection.

Hidden Conspiracy

Standard business card with a pink and white design.


Standard business card with a modern pink and purple design.

Mijn Schatje

Standard business card with the persons avatar and a pink speech bubble.


Standard business cards using a white background with white and pink font and design.

Ruby Sapphire Business Card Template

RubySapphire creative business card to catch your clients attention? To make them remember and outshine from the rest of the Boring cards in their holder? You get this…

The Gallery

This cardboard business card comes with 4 different yet similar pink background patterns with the logo on it.


Standard modern business card available in black and white or pink and white.


Your standard modern business card with one dark side and a light side.

Sarah Mick

A lovely pink and black personal designer business card.

Novia Design Studio

Nice standard but elegant pink and white business card.

Spooned Clothing

This is a basic business card with a design on one side and the contact info on the other.

Mahyar Graphic Design

An artsy looking business card on a white background.


This is a standard dark business card with a mainly black design with some pink highlights.


Doesn’t get much more simple than this, on one side there’s the contact information, on the other several times the letter M to make it look like it’s…

Barbara Tukasik

This standard business card is quite hypnotic with it’s little square pattern fading from pink to blue.

Lindsey Casabella

An innovative business card yet perfectly appropriate for a stylist. Cut in the shape of a comb with a modern font.


Very modern looking standard business card.

Vitamin Business Card Template

This modern looking business card template is available in 6 colors and features call to actions with big bold letters stating “CALL ME” and “MAIL ME”. This business…

Junge Schachtel

Innovative use of a tear away tab in the middle of the card hiding the contact information on this business card.


Pink with female avatars, modern and colorful business card.

Domestic Bliss

Nice pink and white thick business card.

A Big Mouthful

Standard design, logo and contact info. Light background with pink font.

Adam Wintle

A very simple to the point and modern card, white background with pink-orange writting and animated person on it.

Annalisa Vargin Home Nurse

Beautiful design and modern look, and great shape and concept for a nurse.


Nice silk finish and colorful thick card. Very modern and sleek design.

Be Un Limited

Simple, modern on plastic, is the best way to describe this card.