Tag: Letterpress


Elegant letterpress business card with a minimalist purple design.


Modern design on this business card with a recycled feel.

The Icing On The Cake

All white letterpress business card.


Minimalistic black and white business card.


Elegant thick business card with rounded corners.

Manfred Erjak

Beautiful design on this letterpress white cotton business card.


Letterpress business card with a white side and a black side.

Tiny Twiggette

Simple white design on this cotton based business card.

Helga Valdis

Sleek minimalist letterpress business card.

I Am Tiago

Letterpress badge on this business card that comes in different colors.


Minimalistic design on this business card with yellow painted edges.

Jason Sanders

Elegant pastel design on this letterpress business card.

Javier Garcia

Beautiful design on this modern business card with painted edges.

Mike Galore

Awesome thick hand carved wood business cards.

At Media

Elegant white letterpress business card with colorful painted edges.

Tim Shea

Letterpress white business card with big letters.

Brain Up

Sleek design on this business card with green painted edges.

Paper Monkey Press

Beautiful minimalistic design on this thick light business card.

Steven Steinmetz

Elegant clean design on this thick business card with blue painted edges.

Taksu Media

Thick black and white letterpress business card.

Spilled Milk

Red, white and blue design on this elegant round business card.

Lost Soul

Letterpress business card with a beautiful blue and red design on white or recycled background.

Tim Cruz

Letterpress business card with a modern wood design.