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Gabe Ferreira

All black die-cut business card.

Danny Chen

Pop out business card.


Minimalist embossed business card with a colorful logo.

Fresh Air Farm

Die-cut cotton business card with rounded corners.

Christian Conlh Graphic Design

Minimalistic black and white business card.


Innovative cutout business card in the shape of glasses.


Black and white business card with two holes.


Modern looking die-cut business card in the shape of the letter R.

Generation Green

Green leaf shaped business card.


Brown and white die-cut business card.

Zaha Hadid Architects

Useful metal business card with die-cut tools.

Creative Swan Business Card Template

Clean, modern and very easy to edit. Comes with dye cut out layer so printers know where to cut All layers are well structured and labelled FEATURES 300DPI…

Generation Green

Modern sleek design on this green die-cut business card in the shape of a leaf.


Diamond shaped die-cut business card.

Paris By Night

Die-Cut business card with a dark pattern to make it look like street grating.

Falegnameria Ciprari

Metal business card with a laser cut circular saw design.

Mind Lightning

Beaufitul business card with a sleek design, die-cut end and orange painted edges.


Colorful business card with a rounded die-cut to match the shape of the popsicle design.


Metal business card with die-cut corners and a dark purple design.


Clean black and white die-cut business card with rounded corners.


Thick cardboard business card with cuts so that it can fit into others like it.

Feeding The Self

Beautiful modern design on this orange business card with a corner die-cut.

Tyrone Menezes Photography

Innovtive black and white business card shaped like a camera.

Flexicom Marketing

Black and yellow business card with die-cut corners and laser cut triangles.

Shamballa Jewels

Yesterday we featured the brass business card version, today it’s the wood version of the same business card.

Shamballa Jewels

Simple design on this lovely brass business card with laser cut pattern in the center.

Global Flight Center

Clean design on this business card that features half a plane die-cut.

Mind Warp

Elegant and simple design on this die-cut business card made in the shape of the letter W.

Nadia Colombo

Modern colorful design on this heart shaped business card.


Black and white business card shapped like the letter N.