Tag: Fold

Alex Timokhovsky

Innovative foldout business card.

Suite Shop

Pink business card designed to look like a match book.

Discovery Gateway

Folded business cards with cartoon children pictured on them.

Das Beethoven

Elegant folded business card with a dark from and colourful inside with die-cuts.

Yellow Duck PR

Folding business card which only shows a duck’s face when folded.

Creative Design

Modern design on this foldable business card, red and white design on one side and silver on the other.

Piano Repair

Innovative and perfect business card for a piano repair company as it folds into a piano.

Elod Beregszaszi

Minimalistid foldable business card with die cuts to make a little head with legs.

Bro House

A very web 2.0 looking card, it’s a standard card with a fold on it featuring a cartoon character.

Unknown Restaurant

Die-Cut plastic business card with a fold. Not sure what the name of the restaurant is and the design is a little out of date.