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Derrick Baker

Playing card business card.

Ciera Design

Clean light business card in a plastic sleeve.

Lightbulb Clear Business Card

Frosted clear business card with a colorful lightbulb on it.

Frantisek Krivda

Clear plastic business card with rounded corners.

The Gamut

Plastic business card available in 3 different bright colours.


Clever business card for Durex, a company that makes condoms, it’s a clear plastic pouch type card with a white liquid inside.


Clean and simple design on this plastic business card.

USB Memory Direct

Useful white business card with pink painted edges is a usb drive. You can learn more here.

Frantisek Krivda

Clear plastic business card with a picture displayed like pixels.

Danielle Abisaab

Small white business card made of PVC that must be twisted to read the entire message, which is appropriate for a yoga instructor’s business card.

Hugo Fernandez

Transparent plastic business card that looks like you’re using a camera, which is perfect for a photographer.

Pepe Designe

Classic design on this frosted plastic business card with rounded corners.

Graeme Kilshaw

Vertical orientated transparent plastic business card with rounded corners.

Space 150

Business card made to look like a credit card, made of plastic with a bar code, magnetic strip and signature area.


This clear plastic business card features black writing and a white border.


This is a sleek frosted plastic business card which is simple and has rounded corners.

Shop Direct

This unique business card is actually made of plastic pull apart pieces that can be used to form 3 differents objects.

Ramon Negron

This dark plastic business card features rounded corners and an amazing graphic.


Small and modern frosted plastic business card with rounded corners.

Tatsuya Aoki

An intricate design on this plastic business card on both sides makes it look like a computer chip and is partially clear.


This frosted plastic business card is simple and elegant.

Paul Nielsen

Simple contact info on this rubber business card that can stretch, which is pretty clever for a personal trainer.

Super Capacity

This thick and frosted plastic business card is a simple and modern card with raised letters.

Genix Design

Clear plastic with rounded corners and holographic logo on this neat business card.

X Group

Simple plain plastic card with rounded corners. Black and white design along the middle, and clear on the top and bottom.

Vaughan-o-Graphic Ltd

Clear plastic card or pouch, that contains red liquid. Very unique and fascinating design with rounded corners and font to match.

Unknown Restaurant

Die-Cut plastic business card with a fold. Not sure what the name of the restaurant is and the design is a little out of date.


Simple thick clear plastic with black vintage font.

PinkoGraf PVC

Another card for PinkoGraf, this time made on PVC. It also has 3 holes in it.

Ark Ch Architect Interior Designer

Simple brown/beige combination on clear plastic.