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TV Consulting

This remote control shaped business card has a unique shape that is appropriate to the business it represents.

Boris Pelcer

Vintage feel on this business card made to look like a playing card.


Bright business card with a torn side and orange lettering.

Yoga Gurl

Skinny business card with rounded corners featuring a simple modern design.

We Are Designers

Unique “cube” shape on this black and red business card.

Dr Alavarez

Unique business card with a design and shape to look like a mouth, which is a perfect business card for a dentist.

Visual Addicted

Sleek round black business card.

Kingkon Design

Unique fold-able business card with a variety of colors.

Spilled Milk

Red, white and blue design on this elegant round business card.

Circle Entertainment

Modern black and white design on this round business card.

Mike James

Sleek black and white round business card.

The Creative Difference

Pink and white design on this round business card.

Think Packaging

Modern design on these colorful business cards that fold in to mini packaging.

3 Advertising

Sleek design on this unique business card with a cut-out logo area and a blue “note” layer.


These business cards come in black or white, and feature a tear off ticket feature.

Sharp Media

Leather textured business card with a simple design.

Yellow Duck PR

Folding business card which only shows a duck’s face when folded.


Standard informative design on this wooden business card.

Creative Design

Modern design on this foldable business card, red and white design on one side and silver on the other.

Giorgio Parise

Thick wooden business card with a simple engraved design along with a fingerprint.

Chet’s BBQ

Sleek design on this vintage looking round business card.


Modern design on this round business card which comes in green, black or white.

BlackJack Slab

Innovative use of gum as a business card with a dark sleek design on the wrapper.

Morgan Seibert Designs

Elegant thick wood business card with rounded corners and engraved logo and information.

Alex Liollio

Small business card with green font on a black background.


Minimalistic dark green business card with some embossing.


This light business card is made to look like a vintage playing card.

Pin Kard

Unique wood business card with rounded corners, one more so than the other three.

PinkoGraf Cardboard

We have featured 2 previous PinkoGraf business cards including a die-cut business card and a PVC business card. This time it’s a standard size but it’s a dark…

Tyson Junkers

3D business card complete with 3D glasses inside the card.