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Zaha Hadid Architects

Useful metal business card with die-cut tools.

Falegnameria Ciprari

Metal business card with a laser cut circular saw design.


Metal business card with die-cut corners and a dark purple design.

Shamballa Jewels

Simple design on this lovely brass business card with laser cut pattern in the center.


Metal business card with laser-cuts and rounded corners. Simple and modern design.

Logeen Web Architects

Silver metal business card with some die-cutting and rounded corners.

Sam Buxtom

This unique metal business card folds out into a person working at a desk.

Mattson Creative

Black and silver metal business card with rounded corners and a die-cut on one of the ends.


This is a great example of making a unique business card stand out and represent your company. This business card is made to be like dog tags is…

Plasma Design

This silver metal business card features some die-cuts and rounded corners.