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Shamballa Jewels

Yesterday we featured the brass business card version, today it’s the wood version of the same business card.

Global Flight Center

Clean design on this business card that features half a plane die-cut.

Harbor Electric

Sleek design and rounded edges on this beautiful business card.

Atomic Vibe

Thick red business card with a modern design and six sides.

Mind Warp

Elegant and simple design on this die-cut business card made in the shape of the letter W.

Nadia Colombo

Modern colorful design on this heart shaped business card.

Counter Creatives

One of my favorite business cards of all time, die-cut unique shape with a modern pink and white design.


Black and white business card shapped like the letter N.

A Hundred Monkeys

Innovative business card made to look like a raffle or movie ticket, comes in orange, blue, and off white.

Simple half circle die-cut business card, comes in orange or blue.

St-John’s Ink

Modern and sleek die-cut business card with multiple soft colors. (Brown, White, Green, Yellow, Red)

Lady BonBon

Modern and sleek die-cut business card in the shape of a cup cake.

Teaching Shop

Unique shape and modern design highlight this baby blue shield business card.

Taste This Catering

Clever modern business card with a die-cut in the shape of a bite.


This sleek business card features rounded corners, laser cuts and a minimalistic design.

Lobo Design

Dark blue business card with a die cut logo.

Glammer Institute

Innovative black and white business card that lets you cut the person’s hair.

Stella Dot

Nice green and white pattern on this rounded business card.


Standard size and design on this business card which features a couple laser cuts.


Very elegant and modern looking business card with some laser cuts.


Innovative win bottle shaped business card.

Brand Glow

This is a clean and modern business card with some die-cutting and embossing.

Alessandro Gugliotta

This business card is very detailed with it’s laser cut shapes.


This minimalistic business card features a laser cut pattern on the front that shows a metallic back.

Mac Life

White business card with rounded corners and a die-cut apple logo.

Winston Warrior

This business card is highlighted by the die-cut bird wing.

Black Rooster

This dark business card features a pop out rooster head when you fold it, which definitely makes you think of the company name.

Norburn Model Aircraft Supply

This is an innovative business card that you can cut out into pieces to build your own mini model airplane.

Box Office

This is an innovative business card shapped like a coupon ticket with the phone number as the tickets number.

Mac Funamizu

This die-cut fold out business card turns into a computer.