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Halloween Horror Business Card Template

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Amazing and unique business card designed for business people. Be the first to surprise your business partners for Halloween! All items on the card are changing!…

Yellow Duck PR

Folding business card which only shows a duck’s face when folded.

Standard business card with a sleek modern design.

Ink Monster

Elegant and minimalistic white cotton business card.

Social Business Card Template

This is a social media oriented business card that organizies all your social media information on 2 card faces. Includes areas for your picture, name, number, email, facebook…


Standard informative design on this wooden business card.

Oliver Soden

Sleek black and blue design on this standard business card.

V Communications

Neat vintage design on this business card.

Emma Graphic Designer

Standard pink business card with a vertical orientation.

Mark Mankarious

Nice design on this business card to make it look like a desk.

Square Business Card Template

Square Business Card • Bleed Size: 2.25×2.25 in / 57.15×57.15 mm / 675×675 px • Standard Cut Size: 2×2 in / 50.8×50.8 mm / 600×600 px • 300…

Blinds and Windows Design

Standard blue business card with rounded corners.

Mari Sasano

Elegant vertical design on this baby blue business card.

Counter Creatives

One of my favorite business cards of all time, die-cut unique shape with a modern pink and white design.

Creative Design

Modern design on this foldable business card, red and white design on one side and silver on the other.

Giorgio Parise

Thick wooden business card with a simple engraved design along with a fingerprint.

Gooru Interactiva

Standard vertical business card with a modern design with green as the prominent color.

Creative We Are

Blue business card with a modern vertical design.

Google Plus Business Card Template

Standard business card with one dark side and a lighter side for the contact information, design is based on Google Plus. This is the 2nd Google Plus business…

Chet’s BBQ

Sleek design on this vintage looking round business card.


Standard vertical business card with a wine colored design.


Metal business card with laser-cuts and rounded corners. Simple and modern design.

TRLA Legal Aid

Simple business card with rounded corners and a recycled design.

MK Media

Standard black and white business card with a modern and elegant design.

MiPhone Business Card Template

We’ve seen the iPod style business card, now it’s the iphone version. MiPhone Business Card Bundle Dimensions: 2×3.5 INCH 3.5×2 INCH 300 DPI CMYK Click here to purchase…

Haralds Filipovs

Standard black and white business card featuring a caricature.


Modern design on this round business card which comes in green, black or white.

Ester Liquori

Elegant business card with a mostly white design, with a colorful strip on the side.


Black and white business card shapped like the letter N.

BlackJack Slab

Innovative use of gum as a business card with a dark sleek design on the wrapper.