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C2 Design

This oval shapped business card featuring the company name on one side and the contact info on the other.

Nick Whitmoyer

Simple, White and Minimalistic describe this business card.

Rupture Studio

Simple design with an embossed red logo on a black card.

Jack Hooker

This business card is modeled after your typical playing cards, more specifically the jacks, it comes in all four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.

PS3 Heroes

Doesn’t get much more simple and than this black and white business card.

The Odin

This business card features a standard contact side and words in big fonts on the other side.

Gary Nevitt Photography

Modern business card in the shape of an oval featuring actual photos on one side.

Fabulous Martini Club

Square business card with rounded corners.

Something Sweet For You

A simple business card with a beige background pattern and rounded corners.

Drew Fellows

This is a simple and modern business card using black and white colors.