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Beautiful font on this black and white business card with glossy raised pattern.

Yung Tsai

Standard dark business card with a black and yellow theme.

Michael Jordan

Really nice modern business card, in a bright red color.

Taste Chocolate

This business card looks so much like chocolate that someone took a bite out of it, or it’s a die-cut.

The Miller Hull Partnership

This simple yet useful business card is very appropriate for an architecture and planning company.

Inked Business Card Template

Clean and sleek..err… ok, not so clean but well who doesn’t like some blotches of creativity dribbled on your identity? With professional look and some ink blotches this…

Thomas Wood Products

A nice simple design on this wood business card with rounded corners.


This silver metal business card with die-cuts all over it features the Woz logo twice and rounded corners.

Paul Nielsen

Simple contact info on this rubber business card that can stretch, which is pretty clever for a personal trainer.

Piano Repair

Innovative and perfect business card for a piano repair company as it folds into a piano.