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Standard thick business card with contact info on one side and optical illusion looking design on the other.

Kondratiev Alexey

This metal business card features a die-cut logo and engraved writing.

Mitnick Security

Nothing beats a useful business card, specially when it’s use is directly linked to the business it’s representing, like in this case for a security consulting company the…

Vitamin Business Card Template

This modern looking business card template is available in 6 colors and features call to actions with big bold letters stating “CALL ME” and “MAIL ME”. This business…


Dark on the design side, light on the contact information highlight this silk finish business card.

Kenspeckle Gifts

This knitted or quilted business “card” is definitely unique and colorful.

Kensey Lu

This colorful fold out business card is pretty unique and inspiring.

Lodge Design

This metal business card features the basic information with some embossing and laser cut holes.

Justin Nash

This business card for a freelance designer features rounded corners and a glossy finish with a black and red design.

Grassy Business Card Template

This business card template is keeping up with the eco friendly theme and staying green, features earth colors and rounded corners and is available for 3$.