Month: June 2010

Elod Beregszaszi

Minimalistid foldable business card with die cuts to make a little head with legs.

Domestic Bliss

Nice pink and white thick business card.

DJ Mohil

Simple yet innovative, it’s a turntable, and when you turn the disc you see the contact information.

Debbie Hickey

Simple and minimalistic design.

Cinch Creative

Nice rough feel to this simple minimalistic card.

Bike Caffe

Simple yet modern card with rounded corners.

Dave Makes

Simple with a pixelated font and image. Rounded corners and thick stock.

Askew Media

This is one of the modern standards for business cards. Thick stock, dark and simple.

Activa TV

This is definitely a nice sleek look for a business card, the cut makes it unique, but the design is what makes it’s beautiful.

Bullet Miller

This one is a little bit different, may not be the most professional one, but it is sure to get you to stand out.

Aphro Chic Shop

Nice thick card stock, simple design on one side with the logo and standard information and a nice sleek design on the other side.

Dark Business Card Template

Nice modern template, innovative way of displaying the contact numbers. Click here to purchase for 3.00$ From the designer: “Dark Business Card is a Print Ready, CMYK 2…

Cult Story

Simple, Modern and a beautiful font highlight this sleek looking card.

Com Su I

The company name is evident on one side, with the usual info, the other side has 3 parts of pictures.

Charles Perron Ébéniste

Simple yet innovative, made of wood so it will stand out and is very appropriate for someone who works with wood.

Creative Business Card Template

Modern dark design with a black and yellow theme, this is a template available at Graphic River for $3.

Cass Collins

Vintage looking minimalistic green business card.

Bryan Connor

A simple light with a touch of blue color card.

Brian Cordes

Doesn’t get much more simple than this, standard black font on white paper.

A fresh looking card, which was the idea based on the slogan. Simple, modern and very colorful.


Very light card with rounded corners, it’s a good idea to have lines to write on.