Month: March 2010


Simple thick clear plastic with black vintage font.

PinkoGraf PVC

Another card for PinkoGraf, this time made on PVC. It also has 3 holes in it.


Metal etched and die-cut card in a bronze color.

Fun Break

Nice clean and modern looking card with 2 rounded corners. Several different shades or variations of blue.

Ark Ch Architect Interior Designer

Simple brown/beige combination on clear plastic.

Annalisa Vargin Home Nurse

Beautiful design and modern look, and great shape and concept for a nurse.


Multi colored card with 2 rounded corners simple and modern.


Modern die-cut card that can be put with another one to make a star. One side dark, one side light.


Die-Cut card in the shape of a leaf and is pretty colorful.


Nice silk finish and colorful thick card. Very modern and sleek design.

Diesel Laws

A nice sleek design on the new era thick black silk finish business card. The words are shapped as a t-shirt.

Crafts Direct Business Card

Pretty simple and standard looking card.