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Jellibat Art Craft Design

Very innovative matchbook design, this could also work if it were a real matchbook.

Jason Santa Maria

Not the most convenient or obvious idea if you don’t have all the pieces but very innovative to make a puzzle out of the cards.

Handmade Cafe

Standard dark modern looking card.

James A.W. Mahon Divorce Lawyer

Funny and creative, this is a good card for this industry, although some people facing the actual divorce may not has a great sense of humour at the…

Intersection Magazine

A square business card that can be folded into a 69 Nissan Skyline GT-R is pretty much as unique as you can get.

Hypno Design

Simple, modern round business card, design goes hand in hand with the companies name.

Howl Fire

At first glance it looks like a standard card that was burnt, and that’s exactly what it is, but it wasn’t burnt by accident, it’s part of the…