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GSM 041

There’s a fine line between a business card and a promotional item, sometimes I cross the line with these examples, but I think some are very creative, like…


Not sure what the company is about, but it’s Greek and the theme is broken dishes, as Greeks traditionally break dishes at weddings.

Laser Printing Inc

I’ve started seeing more and more of these, Google style business cards.

Go Fetsch Mechanical

A great idea is to make your card handy so people will keep it, like this one made of metal that is part ruler and part wrench.

Geyrhalter Design

Simple, Clean and Clear, I assume the contact info is on the reverse, although I’m starting to think the concept of a card just with the company name…

Fifth Floor Gallery

Uniquely made of wood, with a die-cut logo, very modern.


Not too sure about this one, don’t see much contact information, but the clear thick card that is rounded with a sticker on it is definetly unique.

Base One Believe

An innovative die-cut pop out “b” makes this card unique.


Not your typical card, actually not even a card, but if you look at the information on the rubber band, it’s all the typical information on a card.


Metal card with embossed lettering, looks very sturdy.