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Davide Gasperini

Modern looking simple square die-cut card.

D12 Design Studio Template

This is a nice rugged looking card, brings attention right away to the information and sure is not to be forgotten. You can purchase this card for 4$…

Daria Malyushina Graphic Designer

The font and colors are really nice, not sure I like the overall shape, but the robe does make it innovative.

Dara Blakeley Photography

Innovative way to show off photography skills, this round card is unique and tied with a ribbon to other pictures with a matching shape.

Deuce Group

This is one of the first business cards I had done for Deuce Group.

Green Style Business Card

This is a template for a modern looking business card from Graphic River, would look nice on a thick card with a silk finish. It’s only 3$, you…

Cutting Edge

A very unique die-cut shaped card, looks very industrial.


I wish I had this one, so I would have more details on how it’s assembled and what company it’s for, but it’s still a nice colorful cube.

Elevate Inc

A card shaped like a luggage tag is pretty neat, not sure if the card is made of paper or leather as I don’t have one, but either…

Chris Fisher

I thought it was a comb before I saw he was a radio presenter, it’s simple, but very effective and unique.

Chris Colhoun

This card is fitting for a web designer, very dark and simple on the surface.

Chef Burger

Nice mix of a vintage pattern with modern fonts, the colors really stand out.


An innovative cut out that goes with the name of the company, very nice colours as well.

Dr Melissa Carr Acupuncturist

Very fitting to have a card with a punch of holes in it for this type of business. It’s simple and to the point, with a bit of…


Not sure I would’ve picked the same font or color, but it’s not the best picture. I like the idea of carboard though.


Not a standard die-cut, but a standard shap with die-cuts throughout it.

Bryce Bell

A very original form or shape, it’s like origami, which is appropriate for a Mechanical Engineer.

Carbon Stripe Template

This is a great modern looking business card template over at Graphic River. Click here to get the details and purchase if interested, it’s only 3$ for the…

Be Un Limited

Simple, modern on plastic, is the best way to describe this card.

Belkowitz Photography and Film

Simple and vintage looking design on a nice admission ticket style card.

Asthma Allergy Centre

A Balloon is not really a card, but it replaces or represents a card, and I think it’s a great idea, and pretty ironic for an asthma centre.

Austin Walsh Photography

Layered and die-cut are two of the properties of this original card. Contains real photos and a vintage feel paper.

Artful Giving

At the base it’s a standard card, but it has die-cut grooves and a ribbon tied to make it look like a gift.

Another Bloomin’ Designer

Not the most practical card to carry around, but it is sure to get you remembered.

Anja Osterwalder

This card has a nice twist, it’s like an admission ticket, where a part can be torn off.

A nice unique Die-Cut card, very nice font on the letter “E” and nice die-cut as well.

Amaze Entertainment

A simple plastic to the point business card.

Actual Size Creative

A nice card with a pop up feature, has a vintage yet modern feel to it. Also has slanted corners that are neat.

Daniel V. J. Sweeney

A perfect standard shaped card for a photographer including high quality photos.


A very tasteful round card for an Indian restaurant.