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Davide Gasperini

Modern looking simple square die-cut card.

D12 Design Studio Template

This is a nice rugged looking card, brings attention right away to the information and sure is not to be forgotten. You can purchase this card for 4$…

Daria Malyushina Graphic Designer

The font and colors are really nice, not sure I like the overall shape, but the robe does make it innovative.

Dara Blakeley Photography

Innovative way to show off photography skills, this round card is unique and tied with a ribbon to other pictures with a matching shape.

Deuce Group

This is one of the first business cards I had done for Deuce Group.

Green Style Business Card

This is a template for a modern looking business card from Graphic River, would look nice on a thick card with a silk finish. It’s only 3$, you…

Cutting Edge

A very unique die-cut shaped card, looks very industrial.


I wish I had this one, so I would have more details on how it’s assembled and what company it’s for, but it’s still a nice colorful cube.

Elevate Inc

A card shaped like a luggage tag is pretty neat, not sure if the card is made of paper or leather as I don’t have one, but either…

Chris Fisher

I thought it was a comb before I saw he was a radio presenter, it’s simple, but very effective and unique.